Local Breweries Adapt to Bubbling Popularity of Canned Cocktails

Image via Riveting Hard Seltzer.

The number of craft breweries skyrocketed in the Keystone State since 2011, but now Pennsylvania’s beloved breweries are facing fierce competition. Canned cocktails are on the rise, writes Emma Dooling for the Philadelphia Business Journal.  

These ready-to-drink products are proving to be difficult for breweries’ distribution arms.  

But of all the 531 breweries in Pennsylvania, independent establishments are trying to adapt to the changing market. Canned cocktails from larger companies such as White Claw, Truly, Cutwater, are becoming the primary drink of choice.

In 2022, the market for spirits grew to 42.1 percent, which nudged slightly ahead of beer which had a share of 41.9 percent.

Iron Hill, which has establishments in Exton and West Chester has been overcoming this challenge through the release of its own hard seltzer. Rivet Hard Seltzer has flavors such as creamsicle, and limoncello in six-packs and 12-packs for purchase online. Levante Brewing company, also in West Chester, hopped on the hard seltzer train as well.  

Read more about how Pennsylvania breweries are impacted by the canned cocktail market in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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