Chester County Town Named One of the Cutest Small Towns in Pennsylvania

Bridge Street
Image via Wikipedia.
Bridge Street.

A popular town in Chester County was ranked as one of eight of the cutest small towns in Pennsylvania. As the county is blessed with this gem and many others nearby, it’s no wonder locals and visitor alike adore it, according to a report by World Atlas.

While not ranked in order, Phoenixville is one of the cutest small towns in Pennsylvania. It’s listed at No. 3 due to its many amenities, restaurants, small business owners, and art.

A walk down Bridge Street allows anyone to see all the shops, art galleries, and food options such as Bistro on Bridge. One of the most well-known landmarks is the Colonial Theatre, a 658-seat theatre built in 1903 and recently reestablished to its former magnificence. It was made more famous by the 1958 film, The Blob.

Additionally, Phoenixville is along the Schuylkill River Trail which spans 75 miles through numerous other towns and parks. Lovers of the outdoors will not only the walkability of the trail, but also the town as a whole.

Read more about the cutest small towns in Pennsylvania in World Atlas.


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