Is it Better to Use a Regular or Seamless Carousel on LinkedIn?

Is it better to use a regular or seamless carousel on LinkedIn

If you are wondering whether using a regular or seamless carousel on LinkedIn is better, the answer is “it depends.” What is your personal preference?

If you are wondering what a seamless carousel is, it is a series of images where the elements flow from one slide to the next. A regular carousel is where each slide stands independently.

If you have put forth the effort to design and create carousels, you might wonder if they can be used in more places than LinkedIn. The answer is yes, but you may need to save them differently.


Since April is National Autism Acceptance Month, here is a 9-slide carousel made in Canva 1080 x 1080 px where each slide can stand independently. It is presently set as an MP4 video file. However, I can save it differently depending on where I want to post it.

For LinkedIn, I would click Share, Download, PDF Standard, and Download. To post it on LinkedIn, I would click Home, Start a Post, and then the icon at the bottom left for Document. Then, I would choose the PDF file, click Open, provide a document title, and add some commentary before I click post.

For Instagram, I would click Share, Download, PNG, and choose one page at a time to download the seven pages individually. On Instagram, you can have up to 10 images.

Ask Mr. Google for help or pull up a Youtube how-to video if you need more detailed instructions.


April is National Volunteer Month. To thank the volunteers who donated their talent and time to our 501(c)3 nonprofit, I created a seamless carousel starting with 7560 x 1350 pixels to create seven slides in the carousel. I will break them up into seven pieces of 1080 x 1350.

Some of the images fall on two slides, which is why it is called a seamless carousel because of the flow of the images connecting.

After I hit Create New Design in Canva and chose 7560 x 1350, I clicked on File, View Setting, Show Rulers and Guides, Add Guides, and chose seven with no gaps in between.

Then I downloaded the image as a png and went to, chose my input image to upload, chose seven blocks, and Horizontally on how I wanted to split the image. Then, I clicked on the Split Image Button and downloaded the zip file of the seven individual images.

I returned to Canva to create a new design and chose 1080 x 1350 px. I duplicated it seven times and, one by one, uploaded the seven individual split images in number order so they fit into the new carousel deck.

After completing these steps, I can choose whether to download it as a PDF Standard for a LinkedIn carousel or as seven individual png images for Instagram.

Have fun creating if you are trying this out for the first time!

Note: these carousels will be posted soon. You have the links noted above to view what they look like on Canva.

If you want more detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make a seamless carousel, read a previous article.

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