How to Build Your Color Brand on LinkedIn

Your Color Brand
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Should your favorite color(s) be used to build your color brand on LinkedIn? The answer to that is a resounding maybe and depends on several things.

First, have you explored your favorite color(s) on the Color Psychology website?

“Color can evoke emotions, inspire reactions, and change modes of thinking,” consciously or unconsciously.

Explore the Color Psychology website to learn more about the effects of the color, the positive and negative traits of each color, the implications of whether you like or dislike the color, and more.

You can familiarize yourself with the color wheel and color theory on complementary, split-complementary, triadic, tetradic, monochromatic, and analogous colors.

Once you have background knowledge of colors, think about what you do, how you want to represent yourself on your banner (your billboard), and what you wear in your professional profile picture.

Consider any symbolism relevant to what you do and also the colors of the symbols.

Ensure your banner image and what you are wearing are in harmony and don’t clash.

If you are in sustainability or the financial world, green might be a good color for association with the environment and money, respectively.

If you work with people with invisible disabilities, you might incorporate yellow sunflowers in your banner. Sunflowers are also symbolic in mental health and represent endurance, hope, and resiliency.

If you are a transformer or Jack-of-all-Trades in your industry, a red Swiss army knife might be a symbol on a black, red, and white banner.

If you need inspiration and want to see colors used by familiar brands, check out the Brand Colors site.

If you already have a business logo and website, you may want to carry the brand colors on your personal LinkedIn profile.

If you are just starting, you will want to pick out your primary brand color and some secondary colors.

Are there any existing emojis you might use when posting on LinkedIn that work with your brand colors to help build awareness and recognizability?

You may or may not have heard of: Pantone Colors or HTML Color Codes, Hex Color Codes, RGB, and HSL Values, so check out these sites to learn more.

Canva, which I use daily, has color palette generators, ideas, and more, so you can set up your brand kit for consistency.

If you need more ideas on how to stand out on LinkedIn, read 3 Tips to Be Memorable on LinkedIn and last week’s article on How to Be Even More Memorable with a Signature on LinkedIn.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your canvas, so use your imagination to build your masterpiece brand.

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