Six Rewarding (And Some High-Paying) Jobs

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Doing something rewarding can come in the form of volunteering or helping someone in need. However, if you’re a charitable person, you can make it your full-time job. Here are some of the most rewarding jobs, according to Zippia.  

Mental Health Specialist 

Annual Salary: $40,000 

Being a therapist can help people struggling with mental health problems or life stressors by talking with them about their problems. Psychiatrists diagnose mental health problems and can prescribe medication or treatment.  

Physical Therapist 

Annual Salary: $69,000 

A person in this position helps others regain mobility after injuries or surgeries, as well as help patients with chronic pain or conditions.  


Annual Salary: $231,000 

Optometrists are responsible for managing eye disease as well as helping you update your latest eyeglass prescription.  

Mail Carrier 

Annual Salary: $52,000 

Waiting for that college acceptance letter or a card from grandma? You have a postal carrier to thank for their hard work on getting important and memorable mail to your front door.  


Annual Salary: $59,000 

With long shifts and the strain on the healthcare system because of the pandemic, being a nurse is far from easy. However, providing care for patients and giving them treatment, they need can be rewarding.  


Annual Salary:  $46,000 

This thankless job has not been the easiest in recent years. From the pandemic to shortages, being a teacher can often feel like fighting a battle. If you have a passion for education, it can feel quite rewarding raising the next generation of bright students. As a teacher, you play a role in building a better future.  

Read more about rewarding jobs on Zippia.  

Youtuber Kathy Kellogg describes her daily tasks as a teacher.

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