Chester County Hospital the Longest-Standing Triple Crown Award Recipient in Nation for Healthgrades

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Image via Chester County Hospital.

Healthgrades, the No. 1 website Americans use to find care, has awarded Chester County Hospital (CCH) the 2023 Patient Safety Excellence Award and the 2023 Outstanding Patient Experience Award. This acknowledgment places CCH in the top 10 Percent of hospitals in the nation for patient safety and in the top 15 percent for outstanding patient experience. Only 2 percent of hospitals nationwide received both Healthgrades awards this year.  

With these two awards, CCH becomes one of five hospitals nationwide to be recognized by Healthgrades for Patient Safety, Patient Experience and named one of America’s 50 Best Hospitals in 2023. This is the fourth year CCH has been recognized with all three Healthgrades awards, making the hospital the nation’s longest-standing “triple crown” award recipient.  

“It’s an honor to see Chester County Hospital recognized by Healthgrades as a leader in patient safety and outstanding patient experience year after year,” said Michael Duncan, President and CEO of Chester County Hospital. “We are the only hospital in the state to achieve this accomplishment which is a distinction that is important to the community we serve. Being one of five hospitals nationwide to have received these awards, along with being the nation’s longest-standing ‘triple crown’ award recipient, is an admirable feat that I accredit to our dedicated team.” 

The Healthgrades Patient Safety Excellence Award recognizes the top 10 percent of hospitals, based on an analysis of inpatient data, that measures clinical performance across patient safety indicators. To be eligible for the award, hospitals must meet certain clinical quality thresholds, have zero instances in which a foreign object was left behind during a procedure, and have data on at least seven out of eight core four patient safety indicators (PSIs). To identify the top 15 percent of hospitals recognized for delivering an outstanding patient experience, Healthgrades evaluated patient survey data against patient experience benchmarks to identify the institutions displaying an unwavering commitment to prioritizing positive patient experience during a short-term, acute care visit. 

In addition to these two awards and being ranked in the top 1 percent of hospitals for overall clinical excellence, Healthgrades recognized CCH as one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for cardiac care, critical care, gastrointestinal care, gastrointestinal surgery, pulmonary care, and stroke care in 2023. 

Click here to view a complete list of CCH’s 2023 Healthgrades Awards.

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