Elverson Farm Gives Newborn Calves Eagles-Themed Names

The Kurtz family at Kurtland Farms with newborn calves
Image via American Dairy Association North East.
The Kurtz family at Kurtland Farms with newborn calves.

The Kurtz family at Kurtland Farms in Elverson has given newborn calves Eagles-themed names in support of the team and their favorite players, writes Keith Schweigert for FOX43.

The Kurtz’s have operated the 100-year-old dairy farm for three generations. So, in honor of the Birds flying to the Super Bowl this weekend, the superfans have named a few of the farm’s calves after some of their favorite Eagles players. Plus, they even got Eagles winter-wear to keep the babies warm.

“For my entire life, we’ve all been big Eagles fans,” said Jared Kurtz, owner of Kurtland Farms. “”So every time they’ve made it to the big game, we’ve supported them the whole way there. We’re hoping for a victory this Sunday, just like at the end of the 2017 season.”

One calf, “Cowce,” is named for Eagles center Jason Kelce. “Moolata” is for offensive tackle Jordan Mailata. “Seamalmoo” and “Milkerson” honor offensive guards Isaac Seumalo and Landon Dickerson, the latter who actually met the Kurtz family two months ago at a diary industry photo shoot. Another calf is named “Pascow” for wideout Zach Pascal.

Read more about the calves at FOX43.

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