High-Paying Jobs That Aren’t Behind a Desk

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While remote work is all the rage, and office jobs are still the norm, some people want to escape being confined by four walls and a screen all day. Fortunately, there are jobs that don’t involve sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. According to GoBankingRates, a lot of these jobs pay six figures. Here are high-paying jobs that will have you out and about.  

Food Critic  

From professional food critics who write for upscale publications to independent bloggers, there’s plenty of opportunity to try out different restaurants, while also getting paid. Experts say that food critics, if successful, can earn $80-100,000 annually.  


While being a nurse can be exhausting, those who have an interest in healthcare might find this fast-paced position rewarding. Traveling nurses fill in the gaps for health institutions that are experiencing shortages. A typical RN can earn around $93,500 a year.  


If you really want to get outside, working for a landscaping company, or starting your own might be the perfect career route for you. Planting, lawn mowing, and other outdoor maintenance are all expected of landscapers. This salary is considered competitive, but it can pay off, especially if you can withstand the manual labor and elements.  

Read more about high paying jobs that get you out of the office on GoBankingRates.  

Indeed lists three engaging non-desk jobs.

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