Chester County Brewery Among Top Ten Breweries with Most Highly Ranked Beers in Pennsylvania

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The explosion of smaller and craft breweries in the last decade has given beer aficionados the chance to try a wider and, in some cases, more experimental selection of brews, writes Stacker

While some of those beers come with a higher price tag, consumers are more than willing to pay more for something that stands out. In 2020, around a quarter of the U.S. retail beer market was craft beer. 

To determine which breweries in Pennsylvania have the tastiest offerings, Stacker compiled a list of the breweries with the most top 100 ranked beers in the state using data from BeerAdvocate. 

Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown ranked ninth on the list. The brewery has three in the top 100 beers in Pennsylvania. 

Java Cask (Stout – American Imperial) is the brewery’s highest-ranked beer in No. 32. Next is DirtWolf (IPA – Imperial) at No. 39, followed by Hop Ranch (IPA – Imperial) in No. 88. 

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in August 2022.

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