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In today’s day and age, the internet can be a businesses’ best friend, or their worst enemy. This all depends on where your business stands with technology. For the consumer, on the other hand, the internet is a tool that opens all sorts of doors to which services they can employ, products they can buy, or places they can visit. 

Since consumers use the internet to discover and visit businesses, this provides a lot of data regarding which businesses they’re visiting, how often they’re visiting, how long they stay, and much more. In the digital marketing realm, this data is referred to as analytics.

If your business is set up online properly, these analytics are just a click away. Want to find out what they mean? Keep reading!

Register Your Business With Google Analytics

There are many steps to take when setting up your businesses’ online presence. Setting up a Google Analytics account is a key one of these steps. Google Analytics is the most comprehensive analytics platform in the world, and the best part is, it’s completely free. 

All you need to do is link your business with a Google Account, confirm that it’s you, then register your domain with Google Analytics. Once your business is linked with Google Analytics you can watch the results roll in. The amount of information that Google Analytics provides you with is truly extraordinary. 

Linking your business with Google will also provide you with other great opportunities to market your business, the most prominent being the Google Business Profile. The Google Business Profile also ties into Google Analytics, allowing you to receive data about traffic that’s not even on your website.

All Your Information All in One Place

Google Analytics tracks every conceivable data point that occurs on your domain. Whether it’s as simple as somebody scrolling through your home page, or a sale being made in the shop portion of your website. Google Analytics tracks in real time so when accessing the home page, you can see what users are doing right now.

In addition to real time tracking, Google Analytics allows you to view information from whatever time period you want. If you want to compare your current data to data from last year, you have the option to do that. This can also be a great way to track what is succeeding on your website, and what’s not.

If you’ve employed digital marketing practices on your businesses’ website, all of the data from them can be viewed directly in Google Analytics. This platform will break down where your traffic is coming from, what keywords are directing them there, and if they return again. This information can be extremely valuable, as you can discover what words or categories you can alter to potentially improve on. 

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While all of the information provided in Google Analytics is extremely valuable, it can also be extremely difficult to understand if you don’t know much about digital marketing.

That’s where IT Edge can help. IT Edge offers monthly analytics reporting in which they can break down some of this confusing information. In addition to analytics reporting, IT Edge is experienced in search engine optimization techniques as well as web-design, which can help your website gain more traffic.

The nice thing about Google Analytics is that it’s completely free, and you can use it by yourself. But, if you find yourself busy running your business and don’t particularly understand the data, IT Edge is here to help. Trusted for over 30 years and with over 500 clients, IT Edge is your resident consultant for all things small business.

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