City Dwellers Try Remote Work in Rural Pennsylvania

Image via iStock.

A new initiative is attempting to capitalize on the massive shift to remote work during the pandemic and help solve the issue of sustained population decline in rural Pennsylvania, writes Samantha Spengler for the Philadelphia Magazine.

The Wilds Are Working program offers city dwellers in the Keystone State who are currently working remotely the chance to spend an expenses-paid month living­ and working in rural communities with the hope they will like it enough to stick around.

The goal of the initiative, which is being overseen by PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, is to highlight to the workers and in turn their networks of friends and family the charms and virtues of living in a small town. The whole program is tailor-made for the new digital age, where a persons physical location is no longer a key element to employment.

The initiative offers free housing in the Pennsylvania Wilds, a rural region that represents a quarter of the state’s land area but only has four percent of its population, and a stipend. Participants can also bring their family and pets.

Read more about the Wilds Are Working initiative in the Philadelphia Magazine.

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