West Chester Escape Room Is One-of-a-Kind Experience for Valentine’s Day  

Bates Motel Escape Room.
Image via Bates Motel Escape Room.
Bates Motel Escape Room in West Chester takes the experience to the next level.

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day with that special someone than at a one-of-a-kind escape room? West Chester’s Bates Motel Escape Room takes this bonding experience to the next level, writes Gina Lizzo for Main Line Today.  

Players only have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle at this next-level escape room. Full of CGI effects and professional sound & lighting, these rooms give an experience like no other. Each room has its own theme and is highly detailed.  

The Bates Manor room is set in a Victorian Mansion, The Tomb sends players to the pyramid to solve a mystery of a missing anthropologist, and Revenge of the Serial Killer will send shivers down spines as players have to escape from captivity.  

No matter the adventure, escape rooms require communication and collaboration, a great bonding experience for couples and friends alike! 

Read more about the West Chester escape room in Main Line Today.  


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