Six Careers That Pay More Than $100K

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Deciding on your career can be daunting, especially when finances come into play. If you’re aiming for a high salary, here are some jobs that pay over $100K according to the website 

Public Relations Manager 

Average Annual Salary: $119,860 

A bachelor’s or a master’s can help you land this senior position in the public relations industry. A person in this role is responsible for creating materials for the public image of their client or company, writes Daria Uhlig.  

Physician Assistant 

Average Annual Salary: $121,530  

People with experience as Registered Nurses or EMT’s would fit this role. Like doctors, PA’s can perform exams and provide hands-on treatment with supervision.  

Nurse Anesthetist 

Average Annual Salary: $123,780 

The role is the advanced practice for registered nurses. An anesthetist would be responsible for administering it during procedures as well as monitoring the patients. 


Average Annual Salary: $124,300 

Optometrists help patients see crystal clear through the treatment of eye injuries, diseases and vision problems.  


Average Annual Salary: $127,9900 

According to GoBankingRates, san Jose, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, California are where you can find the highest-paid attorney jobs with an annual salary of $231,200.  

Computer and Information Research Scientist  

Average Annual Salary $131,490  

Computer science is one of the fasted-growing and highest paying fields. The Bay Area is the most lucrative place for people in this role.  

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