Career Corner: The 10 Highest Paying Non-Healthcare Positions in Philadelphia

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With the pandemic still in effect, it continues to leave some hospitals overcrowded and understaffed. This understandably prompts many to consider medical workers more in demand than ever. But those are not the only good jobs available if healthcare does not appeal to you.

Whether you have already graduated with a degree in a different specialization, or are still making up your mind what to major in, you have other career options available. The Philadelphia Business Journal recently shared what the highest paying jobs in Philadelphia are and here are the top non-healthcare positions.

Purchasing Managers

Even the lowest paying position on this list is still quite well-compensated at around $155,000 per year. A purchasing manager is responsible for doing the legwork to ensure the company has a quality product, such as researching what different suppliers can offer on components and ultimately negotiating for the best deal on all the necessary parts.

General and Operations Managers

Another role that nets close to $155,000 per year are general or operations manager. This is essentially a pared-down version of what a CEO does, focusing not on the operation of an entire company, but the day-to-day operations of a particular location or department.

Marketing Managers

A marketing manager usually earns slightly more than the previous positions, sitting around $157,000 annually. This role is devoted to promoting the business and ensuring the brand is consistent with the message they want to convey.

Petroleum Engineers

Another slight boost in pay from the previous roles comes for petroleum engineers, who can often make around $158,000. This role is essential for providing energy sources for many of the services this country depends on and works to extract oil and gasses to be used to power a lot of equipment.

Architectural and Engineering Managers

This is the first job on this list to hit the $160,000 mark as far as salary. This is a role responsible for planning out new products or projects and evaluating the cost of the endeavor and the means to bring it to fruition.

Natural Sciences Managers

This is another high-paying managerial role that often pays about $161,000. This position oversees the efforts of other scientists such as chemists and biologists as a scientific project goes through its research and development.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

This role also pays about $161,000 and is responsible for a wide variety of computer-related tasks. This can mean optimizing the company’s systems to keep them operating efficiently, but it can also be troubleshooting against viruses or creating new programs for the company.

Sales Managers

The sales manager oversees the entire sales team for the company, from the hiring decisions to the training, to setting their periodic goals to reach. This kind of work generally pays about $163,000.

Financial Managers

Financial managers see a sizable salary bump in comparison to previous roles, generally settling around $171,000. A financial manager is responsible for overseeing the financial planning of entire organizations and providing solutions for how to meet financial goals.

Chief Executives

By far the most lucrative non-medical work right now belongs to chief executives, who can expect to make roughly $240,000 annually. This requires making major decisions for the company pertaining to hires, mergers, acquisitions, and any other major steps in the organization’s future.

It is easy to become fixated on the one career that seems hot at the moment, but remember that the pandemic won’t last forever. Choose your field-based not only on longevity but also on what appeals to your talents.

To see the full list of Philadelphia’s highest-paying careers right now, read the article from the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.


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