Phoenixville Kombucha Vinegar ‘Baba’s Acid Trip’ Gaining Popularity Since Release


Baba’s Bucha, a popular Phoenixville kombucha brand, recently released Baba’s Acid Trip, its new line of tart and tangy kombucha vinegars, reports Jennaphr Frederick for FOX29

“Baba’s Acid Trip begins where our kombucha ends,” said Olga Sorzano, founder of Baba’s Bucha. “Baba’s Acid Trip is six months old kombucha vinegar and at this point, all the sugar has been completely fermented out and you are left with a delicious sparkling vinegar.” 

There are currently four flavors of vinegar, including Cayenne, Raspberry Lime, Grapefruit, and Pear Ginger. 

In addition to using Baba’s Acid Trip kombucha vinegar to make dressings, it can also be used to give that extra zing to drinks and teas. This is especially useful during dry January when a lot of people decide to forego alcohol for the month. 

“The great thing about Baba’s Acid Trip vinegar is its much lower acidity,” said Sorzano. “This is only 3 percent acidity, which makes it bright and refreshing but not very droopy.” 

Baba’s Acid Trip kombucha vinegar can be found at Riverwards Market in Old City, among other places. 

Watch the entire segment at FOX29. 

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