Phoenixville’s Baba’s Brew Expands with First of Its Kind Line of Products

Olga Sorzana with Baba's Acid Trip
Image via The Philadelphia Caller.
Olga Sorzana with Baba's Acid Trip.

Olga Sorzano, owner of Baba’s Brew in Phoenixville and founder of Baba’s Bucha brand, has released a new line of kombucha-related products called Baba’s Acid Trip, writes Bud Coyle for The Philadelphia Caller.

This line is comprised of tart and tangy kombucha vinegar. The creation arose after supply chain issues caused her to implement shelf-stable items unlike her kombucha drinks.

It is meant to be used to spice up your cooking whether you love to make meals a home, work as a chef, bartender, or you are a drink connoisseur. This multi-faceted product can be used as a vinegar, salad dressing, or even as a cocktail acidifier.

Featured flavors include Raspberry Lime, Grapefruit, Pear Ginger, and Cayenne.

“A splash of Acid Trip balances, brightens, and emboldens your favorite cocktails and recipes,” said Sorzano. “I had been making kombucha vinegar as my magical elixir for years, and now I am excited to finally bring this innovative product to the masses!” 

Read more about Baba’s Acid Trip in The Philadelphia Caller.

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