FitCore Extreme Embraces Popularity of High-Intensity Strength Training

A boy works his way across an outdoor fitness board
Image via General Recreation

As the nation continues to embrace the importance of fitness, particularly for children, General Recreation in Newtown Square gives you FitCore Extreme to create your own custom fitness course.

 You can create your own course by using combinations of pre-designed challenges to encourage kids, teens, and adults to get and stay fit. 

The course can be designed for users of varied fitness and skill levels.

General Recreation can offer high-quality equipment engineered for high-traffic outdoor use, with up to 37 pre-designed challenging outdoor fitness equipment stations. The course can be customized to accommodate the space available, the level of challenges you want to provide, and the users you intend to target.

Pieces are built for durability and high-volume use.

FitCore Extreme Challenges available for adults ages 13 and above include Spider Walk, Angled Cargo Net with Launch Ramp, Over/Under Bars, Tire Step, Rope Climber with Bell, Unstable Bridge and many more.

For children ages 5 to 12, FitCore Extreme Challenges equipment includes Warped Wall Climber, Monkey Peg Overhead, Angled Overhead Ladder, Variable Height Jump Bar, A-Frame Cargo Net, Vertical Cargo Net and many more.

Find out more about available Extreme Challenges equipment and how General Recreation can meet your recreation needs.

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