Malvern Developers Propose West Whiteland Zoning Changes for Data Center  

Developer Charlie Lyddane.
Image via Bill Rettew, The Daily Local News.
Developer Charlie Lyddane.

Fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty and Malvern-based developer Green Fig Land company are working on obtaining zoning variance changes for the 2 million square foot data center at the former Foote Mineral site, writes Bill Rettew for The Daily Local News.

Developer Charlie Lyddane wants to build the $6 billion dollar project on 75 acres of East Whiteland and 25 acres of West Whiteland. A hearing with West Whiteland township is set for Jan. 25 to discuss zoning changes to supply power to the data center.

“The only plan at this time is to build two data centers and that’s it. We are nearly through the approval process in East Whiteland,” said Lyddane. He said that it would be possible to install a green power plant.  

However, according to West Whiteland supervisor Rajesh Kumbhardare there is no plan set in stone to install a power plant.  

Some residents are opposed to the idea of a new power plant.  

“No matter how you try to greenwash it, gray or blue hydrogen is not sustainable energy. It’s a false climate solution being pushed by the fossil fuel industry,” said West Whiteland resident Ginny Kerslake.  

Some of the other proposed zoning changes include a change to the height limit to 60 feet.

Read more about the proposed zoning changes in The Daily Local News.   

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