Phoenixville Kombucha Company’s New Vinegar Product is a Trip  

Baba's Brew kombucha
Image via Baba's Brew.
A selection of Baba's Bucha.

A Phoenixville kombucha company is introducing vinegar to the family. Baba’s Brew is named after founder Olga Sorzano’s great-grandmother who brewed her own kombucha in southern Siberia, writes Lisa Dukart for the Philadelphia Business Journal.  

Sorzano started the company after attending a fermentation festival in Santa Barabara in 2014. Soon enough, she hit the ground running and in 2015 Baba’s Brew was born, followed by a brewery and tasting room called, “A Culture Factory” in 2017.  

Despite her success, Sorzano experienced a slowdown in the early days of the pandemic when her brews were not being frequently distributed. Instead of throwing away the tea, she decided to let it continue fermenting. When she tried it, Sorzano noted that it tasted like “really bright, vibrant vinegar.”  

The experiment turned into an innovation. Acid Trip vinegar comes in four flavors. It ferments for six months and undergoes a second fermentation. The vinegar —which is available in 450 stores — can be used in cocktails, mocktails, and other culinary cuisines.  

Sorzano’s next project is a kombucha with adaptogens that relieve stress. You can visit her tasting room at 333 Morgan Street In Phoenixville.  

Read more about Acid Trip in the Philadelphia Business Journal.  

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