Chester County May Be in for a White Christmas

white christmas
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A major storm that is moving towards the east could hit Chester County and the surrounding area just before Christmas and bring heavy rain, winds, and maybe even snow, write Justin Heinze and Josh Bakan for the Patch

The storm is likely to hit the county on Thursday or Friday. 

AccuWeather currently marks a high “travel delay risk” for the area. Roads will be treacherous and delays to air travel are also possible even if your airport is not in one of the storm’s primary target zones due to other travel hubs possibly closing and causing a cascading effect. 

“This storm will likely become intense, feeding on the extremely sharp variation between the surging arctic air arriving from the central states and relatively warm air across the southeastern U.S.,” said AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Jon Porter. 

However, while snow is a possibility, the current forecast does not have a cold enough temperature in most of the greater Philadelphia area for it to fall. What is expected is a deep freeze to set in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with temperatures dropping into the low teens. 

Most of the country will be impacted by the storm

Read more about the coming storm in the Patch

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