3 Things to Avoid After Getting Laid Off

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Getting laid off can be scary and in the midst of a recession, sometimes it’s better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Albert Ko, director of AngelList Talent tells Jennifer Liu of CNBC the top three mistakes jobseekers make when they get laid off.  

Saying you can ‘do everything’  

Including an exhaustive list of every skill you possess doesn’t give the hiring manager an idea of any unique qualities you bring to the table. Ko says that it’s more impressive to be “very good at a few things.”  

Not having clear intentions  

Be specific about the kind of company you want to work for. Keep in mind the environment, workplace culture, industry, and your passions.  

Accepting every interview  

While losing a job can be alarming, it’s important to remain calm and not jump at every interview that is offered to you. 

 “Recruiters and referrals know when you’re not serious about something,” said Ko. “If they’re putting their neck out there for you and you’re not sure [about an opportunity], that’s going to be a problem.” 

Don’t waste your or anyone else’s time and focus on interviews for positions you’re that you’re more compatible with.  

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