Holiday Mash-Up: Tours of Pottstown’s Historic Homes in Dec. Finery Fund July 4 Celebration

vintage home with Christmas lights
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Pottstown's historic homes, like this Victorian, will be dressed for the holidays and tourable in a fundraising event for the borough's 2023 July 4 programming.

GoFourth, the Independence Day celebration in Pottstown, is getting a little early Christmas present from a Dec. 4 day of touring the borough’s decorated homes.

Proceeds from the latter will help defray the costs of the former.

The holiday tours are self-guided, but for those who would prefer to leave the driving to someone else, a shuttle is available, thanks to Tompkins VIST Bank and Pottstown Area Rapid Transit.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to peek inside some of fantastic homes in the Rosedale neighborhood and East End of Pottstown,” said Jo Bathurst, co-chair of the GoFourth! Historic Pottstown Holiday Tour.

“This year, our tour includes some beautiful examples of architecture ranging from a Georgian colonial to Mid-century modern and so much more,” she continued.

Historic Pottstown Holiday Tour co-chair, Tracy Purdy, commented, “The gracious property owners who are participating will once again pull out all the stops to showcase these Pottstown gems. We truly appreciate their generosity in welcoming guests into their homes. Tour-goers are in for a real treat.”

For those who would still like to champion the cause but are unable to attend the Dec. 4 event, a calendar, which captures the structures in their holiday dress, is available for purchase.

All ticket- and calendar-purchasing details are online.


Here’s a quick video sample of some of the sights possible on the 2022 GoFourth! Historic Pottstown Holiday Tour.


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