Friends Association Grocery Gift Card Collection Helps Ensure a Happy Thanksgiving Meal 

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The Friends Association in Chester County is collecting grocery store gift cards as part of its annual Thanksgiving Gift Card Drive to help offset the cost of Thanksgiving dinners for families.

Support is needed now more than ever because of rising food prices. 

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season, a time when families gather, gifts are given, and a festive meal is shared. 

While rising food costs and housing costs are poised to make things more expensive this year, Thanksgiving is a holiday that almost always puts a bit of a strain on finances.

Friends Association is committed to ensuring that the families it works alongside will have the flexibility to celebrate Thanksgiving in a way that honors their own traditions and culture while lessening the pressure on family finances.

A donation of a gift card allows families to shop for just the right ingredients that will allow them to create the perfect meal that fits with their family traditions. It also helps families bond while preparing for their celebration.

The Friends Association is looking for your help to reach its goal.  Gift cards may be purchased in $50 increments for your local market, like Giant, ShopRite, Acme, and Aldi.

Community members interested in donating can drop grocery store gift cards at the Friends Association offices at 113 West Chestnut Street in West Chester Monday through Friday.

You can also use this link to purchase a gift card online from Walmart and it will be sent directly to the Friends Association office.

 Friends plan to distribute gift cards to our neighbors no later than Nov. 21, 2022.

About Friends Association

Friends Association provides programs and services that prevent homelessness and promote the independence of families with children in Chester County.

Friends uses a unique approach that focuses on keeping families together during times of crisis, whether it is single moms and dads, two-parent, multi-generational, grandparent and LGBTQ+ families.

Clients receive personalized case management, community resources and opportunities to develop new skills.

The goal is to empower families to build on existing strengths and skills, working together to build resiliency, stable housing and financial independence.

Find out more about the Friends Association, and how to donate and help.

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