West Chester Woman Wants to Make Voting Accessible to All

New Pennsylvania Project employees
Image via Kadida Kenner, WHYY.
CEO of the New Pennsylvania Project, Kadida Kenner, center.

Two months ahead of the midterm election, West Chester native Kadida Kenner, CEO of New Pennsylvania Project, is working hard to ensure voting is accessible to everybody, writes Cherri Gregg for WHYY

The voting rights organization she leads was founded last year and modeled after the successful New Georgia Project founded in 2014 by Stacey Abrams. The group’s mission is to ensure that Pennsylvania’s diverse demographics are aligned with the state’s electorate. 

“We have a primary purpose of voter registration and we center communities of color, we center the youth, and we center immigrant communities in our work,” said Kenner. 

When the organization was first founded, Kenner was the only employee. Today, New Pennsylvania Project has 22 more employees on the payroll and is still hiring – and offering full benefits to new employees. 

The organization has been adding people because it aims to have a presence throughout the state, with a focus on 12 out of 67 counties in the Commonwealth. 

“There are 1.7 million people across this entire Commonwealth that need to be engaged and brought back into the electorate,” said Kenner. 

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