WSJ: West Chester Veterinarian Adopts Senior Dogs to Live Their Best Lives in Her ‘Fountain of Youth’ Home

Amy Kidd and Netty
Image via Amy Kidd.
Amy Kidd, left, and her daughter Emilia doing hydrotherapy with Netty.

West Chester veterinarian Amy Kidd only adopts senior dogs and provides them with a loving and comfortable environment where they can spend their twilight years happily, writes Sydney Page for the Washington Post

Most recently, she adopted Netty, a mixed pit bull who was dropped off at Pennsylvania SPCA by her owners of 12 years with a request for euthanasia, despite still having a quality of life. 

Kidd, the owner of Pocopson Veterinary Station, saw a post about the fifteen-year-old pooch and she immediately knew she wanted to bring her home. Her family had lost their 12-year-old rescue dog, Monty, a month before and were looking for a new senior dog to adopt. 

“As soon as I saw her face, I was like okay, she’s the one that needs to come to my house,” said Kidd, who has six senior dogs. 

Most of the dogs Kidd and her husband adopt are thought to have just a few months left, but they often end up living for three or four more years. 

“When they get to our house, it’s kind of a fountain of youth,” she said. 

Read more about Amy Kidd in the Washington Post

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