Technology Once Used by NASA Astronauts Now Helps Parkesburg Practitioner Heal Horses

woman with two horses, one white & one brown
Image via iStock.

Parkesburg PEMF practitioner Daisy Bicking is helping horses get better through the use of the technology NASA once used to maintain the health of astronauts in orbit, writes Audrey Pavia for Horse Illustrated

PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field, is a non-invasive therapy that is being used to treat hoof and joint issues, tendon and ligament injuries, and inflammation, among many other issues. 

Bicking has seen many horses respond well to PEMF, especially when recovering from hoof issues. 

“One horse had laminitis from metabolic disease and couldn’t grow hoof below the coronary band,” she says. “After using PEMF, the horse started growing new hoof, and quickly.” 

She also treated a horse that was having trouble growing a medial wall after transitioning out of shoes. 

“When we added PEMF consistently, she grew a tremendously healthier foot in just one four-week trim cycle, finally gaining solid medial wall,” said Bicking. 

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