West Grove-Based Produce Company Sees High Demand for Garlic, Low Supply of Vampires

Count von Count paints garlic.

Garlic is in high demand, and while supply is hard to keep up with, West Grove-based I Love Produce upped marketing efforts for its products and has been focused on bringing garlic production closer to home, writes Brooke Park for The Packer. 

Jim Provost, president of I Love Produce, said that garlic is currently harvested in China and Spain. However, there are plans in motion to bring production to California, where the Golden State anticipates an “excellent quality year, with good yields.” 

“Spain will have good supplies, but size is down in some growing regions,” Provost said. “Overall, there will be good supplies of garlic for the market.” 

I Love Produce has also taken unique marketing measures to engage the community, including its annual OctCLOVErfest. The Halloween-themed campaign was launched in 2018 and features the one-and-only Count von Count, the company’s vampiric mascot from “Sesame Street.”  

The campaign shows the Count teaching consumers how to cleverly paint the outside of garlic cloves, as the skin provides a decent painting canvas. 

Read more about I Love Produce, garlic, and the Count in The Packer.

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