Bimonthly Gathering in West Chester Brings Together A-List Military Vets

Image via YouTube.
David Christian.

The SPECWAR & Friends Luncheon, a new bimonthly gathering in West Chester, has worked to bring together veterans from several elite branches of the military, writes J.F. Pirro for Main Line Today

The guest of honor at the first February gathering was David Christian, author of Victor Six: The Saga of America’s Youngest, Most Decorated Officer in Vietnam. At 18, the now-73-year-old Christian became the youngest commissioned officer since the Civil War to lead troops into battle. 

The elite group of attendees is made up of former Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Airbornes, Rangers, and other special operations veterans. The organizers invited 135 guests, while 80 confirmed and 55 attended. 

“SEALs don’t advertise,” said co-host George Kearns. “We’ll be over 100 next time.” 

Kearns, a Westtown resident, does not discuss his military service, but he does reveal his participation in organizing the homecoming of USS New Jersey, the most decorated battleship in U.S. Naval history. 

“These guys feel they’re still undercover or on active duty,” said Christian. “There’s little to nothing on them that you can find, but they’re all legends. Silent warriors. This is a historic afternoon.” 

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