Keeping Up With LinkedIn Updates

Keeping Up With LinkedIn Updates

As we approach the half-year point of 2022, we have seen numerous changes occur on LinkedIn.

Are you keeping up with everything new on the platform?

Here are 12 of the most significant LinkedIn changes rolled out this year:

About Section Hyperlinks on iPhone Mobile – If you look at someone’s About section on an iPhone, you will see live hyperlinks if they included them. This feature is not yet available on desktop or Android.

Affiliated LinkedIn Pages – You can link affiliated pages to your company page.

Career Break – Read the previously published article on career break features.

Comment, React and Share as You Personally or As Your Company Page – If you see a grey triangular down arrow next to your mini profile photo picture under a post (to the left of Like, Comment, Share and Send), then you have the choice as to what persona you want to represent when you comment, react, or share.

Creator AnalyticsCreator Analytics is being rolled out to all members who have creator mode turned on, and LinkedIn has just updated the details of this feature.

Employee Verification – Access the details on the employee verification feature on the company page.

Future of SkillsAnalyze skills in the Explore the Data section on LinkedIn’s Economic Graph in your country and see how skills have shifted for industries and job titles. 

Lead Gen Form – You can now create a Lead Gen Form for your company’s LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page, or your LinkedIn Product Page. You can also get leads with LinkedIn Service Pages.

Link (URL) – Just under your headline, you can add a link to your website, your Linktree (or equivalent), or wherever you want to drive traffic.

LinkedIn Audio – No longer in beta mode, the social audio feature is being rolled out to all users who want to engage in real-time conversations and discussions, as announced by Fast Company. Live captions are also now available, making this feature more inclusive.

Profile Video – The profile video replaces the cover story un your photo in your profile.

Skills – You can add 5 top skills to each of your work experiences only if you have not reached 50 skills. For those who use LinkedIn Talent Solutions, these work experience skills will come up in a search.

Workplace Module – On your company page, you can add a workplace module for onsite, hybrid, or remote. You can also share your company’s workplace policy, the link on your website that describes the company’s policy, workplace benefits, location-based pay adjustments, vaccine policy, and the link on a website that describes vaccine policy. For hybrid, there is an option to list the typical time on-site as flexible, days per week, or percentage of time.

There are more changes than what I have listed, but this is a great start! Have fun exploring these 2022 updates.

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