Four Years Later, 76ers Still Haunted by Their Decision to Trade Great Valley High School Grad on Draft Night

Mikal Bridges traded for Zhaire Smith
Image via David Maialetti, Philadelphia Inquirer.
The 76ers ended up with the short end of the stick after trading Great Valley High School grad Mikal Bridges for Zhaire Smith, above.

This week marked the fourth anniversary of the 76ers’ unfortunate decision to trade Great Valley High School graduate Mikal Bridges for Zhaire Smith on the night of the NBA draft, writes Keith Pompey for the Philadelphia Inquirer

The Sixers selected Bridges, who played collegiately and won a pair of national championships at Villanova, with the No. 10 pick. However, just 38 minutes later, they traded him to the Phoenix Suns for Zhaire Smith, the 16th pick. 

Smith’s fate with the Sixers was sealed shortly after he arrived in Philadelphia. In part due to an injury, he ended up playing in only 13 games before being traded to the Detroit Pistons at the end of 2020. 

Meanwhile, Bridges has become a star, having signed a four-year, $90 million contract extension last year.

He was runner-up for NBA Defensive Player of the Year this season, and he received the second-highest number of votes for the All-Defensive team. 

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