As Coffee Companies Can Attest, Exton-Based All-Fill’s Machinery Puts an End to Manual Packaging

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Countless people start their day with a cup — or two — of coffee, without giving much thought about how it travels from its home in nature into mugs all over the world.

Behind the scenes of the popular wake-up beverage is an in-depth process, one in which Exton-based All-Fill plays a critical role.

The manufacturer of packaging machinery has worked closely with a local coffee business — Reading Coffee Roasters — to increase its production efficiencies. Frank Orman, the President of Reading Coffee Roasters, purchased the company in 2019 and is currently navigating an expansion of a café at its current, 10,000-square-foot facility in Birdsboro.

“We sell our coffee roasts primarily to cafés that are very passionate about the coffee they produce and can appreciate the great blends we provide,” said Orman. “We are planning to open different café locations in the area and look forward to growing our retail business in grocery stores.”

Weighing, bagging, and labeling are the key steps to packaging unique roasts. Each bagging machine is customized to fit a client’s needs. All-Fill offers a variety of machines, including ones that are suitable for pouch packaging and rigid containers. The weighing and filling machines are highly accurate and boost speed while easily integrating with the automatic bagging machines that tightly seal bags to ensure products stay protected.

All-Fill’s equipment, in essence, is putting an end to manual packaging and therefore saving its clients time and money.

“All-Fill’s machinery really helped us streamline our coffee packaging tremendously,” said Orman. “Especially how accurate the machine is and how much less time we spend spot-checking bags for weight. Our team members love the machinery and how it improved their production and efficiency. The downfall is I want everything All-Fill produces, and I hope that one day we expand enough to complete the picture with all the different options All-Fill provides.”

All-Fill recently exhibited its machinery at Coffee Fest Chicago and will do so at Coffee Fest Los Angeles in August. Learn more.