‘I Call It Fashion Therapy’: Wayne Man Channels His Heartbreak into Clothing Line That Honors His Daughter


Wayne resident Frank Rapoport has created a clothing line called SamSara Gear that honors his daughter and raises awareness about eating disorders and mental health, writes Stephanie Stahl for CBS Philly. 

His daughter Alex, a 2002 graduate of Westtown School and 2006 graduate of Goucher College, struggled with an eating disorder for 20 years. The only place she found peace was in the Himalayas.

She died by suicide in 2016.  

“I thought I could do anything, but I couldn’t save her. This is just a demon. This is a devil,” said Rapoport. 

Rapoport’s Buddhist-inspired clothing line features garments from Bhutan and Nepal. In Buddhism, SamSara is the cycle of life, death, and reincarnation. 

He found that women in Bhutan have been sheering sheep, dyeing the wool, and sitting at a handloom for more than 800 years. Organic items from SamSara Gear include bags, jackets, vests, and more.  

The proceeds go toward supporting treatments for eating disorders. 

“I call it fashion therapy,” said Rapoport. “Clothing that is infused with the spirit of the Himalayas. So, this honors your body.” 

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