Historic Carousel at Pottstown Operating Once Again

history Pottstown carousel
Image via CarouselAtPottstown.org.

The Carousel at Pottstown is operating again after recently undergoing mechanical maintenance to restore its balance, writes Evan Brandt for The Pottstown Mercury.

Carousel technicians and consultants, along with longtime volunteers, worked tirelessly to adjust each of the 18 individual sections suspended from the massive central pole to level the carousel’s deck and animals.

A weekend date, usually reserved for the public, had to be chosen to allow as many of the crew to attend to complete this monumental task.

With the maintenance finished, the Carousel is back in action and open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4 PM.

“The ride now runs smoother and quieter than ever, and that’s on the level,” said lead tech B.J. Peterman.

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