Renowned Bloodstock Agent’s Passion for Horses Developed During His Childhood in Kennett Square

Chris Gracie
Image via Michael Wirtz, Philadelphia Inquirer.
Chris Gracie.

Although he didn’t grow up in a riding family, Kennett Square native Chris Gracie developed his passion for riding horses when he was in grade school, and he never let his size — he now stands 6-foot-4 — deter him from getting in the saddle, writes Michael Bradley for The Hunt magazine. 

Gracie, now 34, loved riding enough to get his weight down to the 165-pound limit necessary for competing. In 2003, he became the youngest rider ever to capture first place in the Maryland Hunt Cup.

“I was lucky to be around good people who made an effort for me to ride,” Gracie said. “It’s not something you can just walk into.”

Most of his days now, however, are spent breeding and selling horses through his business, Gracie Bloodstock, in Middleburg, Va., where he is well-respected in the thoroughbred community. 

“Chris has a lot of natural talent,” said trainer Jim Fitzgerald. “He’s ridden so many horses. I think guys who’ve ridden a lot of horses have a better understanding of their body and mind. No matter how big you are, you can’t overpower them. You’ve got to get into their heads.”

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