Raising Chickens Became Popular During the Pandemic. This Kennett Square Couple Has Been Doing So for Years

Image via Unsplash.

Kennett Square’s Dawn Talley and her husband, Jack, have been raising chickens in their backyard well before it became popular during the pandemic, writes Ashley Breeding for Main Line Today

Talley, who grew up on a Pennsylvania farm, raises a total of 11 hens, as well as four dogs, a cat, and two rescued mini horses. 

Frequent visitors to the four-acre property include Kennedy and Lake, both four years old, who love to help their grandparents, cans in hand and ready to collect eggs. 

“This is not a for-profit endeavor. You do it either because you love chickens or because you want the benefit of organic, fresh eggs,” said Talley, who purchases week-old chicks in the spring from a local store.

She said that the chickens are low maintenance as she only cleans the coop about one to two times a month. Additionally, hens can lay eggs year-round if they have 12 to 14 hours of sunlight per day. That way, the Talleys always have fresh eggs available. 

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