How This Kennett Square-Based Chain of C-Stores Does Its Part to Lift Fresh Produce Consumption in Region

Landhope Farms
Image via Landhope Farms.

Landhope Farms, a three-unit convenience store headquartered in Kennett Square, is doing its part in lifting fresh produce consumption through in-store placement and suggestive selling, writes Carol M. Bareuther for Produce Business

Landhope Farms has been selling around 70,000 single bananas a year, which are among the first foot-in-the-door produce offerings. 

“A fresh banana, Red Delicious apple, or Granny Smith apple, coupled with a yogurt or granola bowl, is a great ‘start of the day’ purchase for any convenience store patron,” said Dennis McCartney, Director of Operations at Landhope Farms. 

Another big seller is carrots. 

“Our flagship location, located in Unionville, is right in the middle of horse country,” said McCartney. “Our customers are not only here to purchase for themselves, but for their horses as well.” 

Landhope Farms reduces the number of fresh fruits cut and packaged in-store during winter due to the decrease in demand but increases it again for spring and summer. Additionally, the Unionville store has a unique produce stand during summer months. 

“For years, we have had a local grower set up a farm stand in our parking lot that has become a fixture for the community,” said McCartney. 

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