Exton-Based Telemedicine Company Among the Top 50 Healthcare Solutions Providers of 2022

Image via SwiftMD.

SwiftMD, a telemedicine company based in Exton, is among the Top 50 Healthcare Solutions Providers of 2022, according to CIOReview.

The magazine’s distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and other thought leaders from the healthcare industry compile the list annually, selecting “the leading healthcare solution and consulting companies that are continually pushing the envelope to usher in potentially game-changing technologies that quicken the pace of innovation across the healthcare continuum.”

SwiftMD is the modern version of the house call. It is a leading telehealth service featuring board-certified physicians who specialize in virtual doctor visits via phone and videoconferencing, 24/7.

“We are excited to be recognized in this group of healthcare innovators,” said SwiftMD CEO John Lawlor. “SwiftMD was early to recognize the looming shortage of primary care doctors, not only in rural areas but frankly all over the U.S. We saw the opportunity to improve patient lives by providing easy, 24/7 access to quality doctors through telemedicine, and we pioneered a unique practice model that has allowed us to provide industry-topping utilization rates and savings to our members and clients.”

SwiftMD holds the highest utilization rates in the telemedicine sector, with more than 50 percent annual member utilization over the last four years, which is six times the industry average of eight percent, and the highest in the telehealth industry.

“Our high utilization rate has been achieved by providing our members easy, streamlined access to our healthtech platform and our 24/7 telemedicine services,” said Lawlor. “It is an outcome of SwiftMD’s commitment to removing barriers to using our telemedicine service and consistently delivering healthcare savings to both members and clients.”

With telehealth usage increasing by a whopping 7,000 percent during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for telemedicine services like those provided by SwiftMD has never been greater.

“We are excited with the recent success of SwiftMD’s telehealth app and are looking forward to our continued growth and leadership role in the telemedicine industry,” said Lawlor.