Dress Now on Display at Chester County History Center Featured in HBO Series

The Gilded Age
Image via Chester County History Center.
Debra Monk's character Armstrong wearing the replicate dress.

The Chester County History Center became a part of the big screen when a dress from its collection was featured in the hit HBO series The Gilded Age. The producers copied its design to replicate a wearable version for the show. 

The Gilded Age stars a young woman who enters 1882 New York City’s social scene and is drawn into the daily conflicts between a nouveau riche family and an established, “old-money” family.

Clothing and accessories comprise the largest sub-collection in the CCHC Museum. Though the majority are from the 1800s, the collection spans from the 1700s to the modern era. This collection, as present in The Gilded Age, is often used as inspiration for productions, scholars, and enthusiasts.  

Starting today, May 6, the dress and other clothing accessories from that era will be on display at the Chester County History Center.  

The dress dates to the early 1800s and is made of tussah silk with brown machine-embroidered and velvet trim. The bodice has front button closures and eight bones around the waist. The skirt has an asymmetrically gathered drape, tiers of ruffles, and tiers of ballooned gathers at the bustle. 

The accessories include a selection of boots and shoes, feathered folding fans, bonnets, as well as full-length gloves and leather purses. 

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