99 Online Resources to Help You Upskill or Reskill

Thinking about upskilling or reskilling

Aside from college and university offerings, there are numerous places where you can learn online from anywhere at any time, 24/7/365. Check our resources.

The list below of 99 resources is only a tiny portion of e-learning opportunities, but there might be some new ones on the list that you may have never heard about before.

Carpe diem! Be a lifelong learner. Knowledge is power!

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  • 5/6 Fri – Interview Techniques
  • 5/6 Fri – Tough Behavioral-based Interview Questions (on Clubhouse)
  • 5/7 Sat – Energize & Boost Your LinkedIn Profile with Six Insightful Global Experts
  • 5/9 Mon – How to Negotiate Your Salary & Benefits and How to Succeed on the Job
  • 5/10 Tues – Navigating Employment in Today’s Corporate World
  • 5/10 Tues – How to Target Your Job Search
  • 5/10 Tues – Business executives Networkign Group (BENG)
  • 5/11 Wed – PowerThinking: Resilience Building Call-In
  • 5/11 Wed –  You Are Good Enough – How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • 5/12 Thurs – Career Success Group
  • 5/13 Fri – Interview Techniques
  • 5/13 Fri – Remaining Resilient through Rejection in Your Job Search (on Clubhouse)
  • 5/14 Sat – Project Planning Your Job Search
  • 5/16 Mon – Career Success Group Job Search Accountability & Networking
  • 5/16 Mon – How to Create Snazzy Graphics for LinkedIn & Social Media