Career Corner: 7 Transferable Skills That Companies Want

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If you want to further your career outside your present company, you might look at your resume and feel boxed in by how specialized much of your experience is.

But you have likely learned a lot of more generalized skills that would also transfer well to a variety of companies and positions.

A post from FlexJobs named some of the skills you should be prioritizing when trying to make a good impression in your applications to new jobs.


Having examples of how you were able to make significant contributions to common goals will always be looked upon positively. Most companies are highly collaborative, which means you need to work well with others.

Leading Others

An expansion on teamwork is the ability to take charge of a group on projects at times. If you are the most knowledgeable person on the team, can you guide others in how to get a job done in the most efficient manner?

Effective Communication

Communication is not just about not being shy, but being able to speak in a way that effectively conveys your ideas. Can you distill your thoughts down to the core information people need and are you receptive to other people sharing their thoughts?

Familiarity with New Technology

Technology never stops advancing, so you can’t ever become complacent. This skill relates more to your willingness to learn how to use new devices and programs than whether you took a computer class ten years ago.

Problem Solving

It is easy to say that a problem exists, but harder to say how to fix it. Being able to think of a solution shows you are creative and don’t need others to provide all your answers for you.


Even if writing is not the core of what you do, it is a necessary skill in most positions today. Reports, emails, and messages through Slack all require you to take your communication skills and be able to display that in text rather than verbally.

Being Adaptable

Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Are you able to think on your feet and adjust to new circumstances quickly?

Don’t assume that just because you are changing careers that all your previous experience goes out the window. If you take a step back and look at what skills you developed in a broader sense, you will find many transferrable skills that will appeal to other fields.

For the full list of all 15 transferrable skills you most want to have, read the post from FlexJobs here.


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