Montco’s DeSales University Student is One of World’s Best Axe Throwers


Tyler Seidel, a sophomore at DeSales University, quickly rose to the top of the ranks in axe throwing after picking up the hobby as a means of recreation during the pandemic, writes Daniel Patrick Sheehan for The Morning Call.

Seidel is an accounting and finance major with plenty of athletic talent that has served him well as a soccer player in past years. Now he’s found he’s a natural at throwing axes and their smaller counterpart, hatchets.

He’s become so good that he quickly went professional and is one of the best ax throwers in the entire world. Seidel has won multiple tournaments and is the first thrower to score more than 1,700 points in the World Axe Throwing League.

It’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for someone who didn’t think much of ax throwing in the past.

According to Seidel, he’s learned how to throw so well by watching other throwers in action, asking questions, and reviewing videotapes.

He is currently working at Splitting Edge Axe Throwing in Pottstown.

“It’s definitely satisfying,” he said. “Especially when you hit the little red dot in the center.”

Seidel, a Berks County native, went to his first regional tournament last February and managed to place second. Shortly afterward he went pro, signing a six-month contract with the Valkyrian Steel Axe Throwing Club. He has recently signed with another pro team: the Windowmakers in Philadelphia.

He’s worked hard to get to where he is today, and he has the scars to prove it – a couple of small ones behind his right ear. He got those scars from his style of holding the ax blade as close to his head as possible before throwing it at the target.

“A lot of the Texas throwers throw from right under their chin,” he said. “I’m not going to do that.”

Read more about Seidel’s axe-throwing prowess in The Morning Call.

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