How This Railroad Buff from Parkesburg Came to Support a Kansas Nonprofit 

man on train
George Dvorak.

Five years ago, Parkesburg resident George Dvorak decided to stop by Abilene, Kan., on his way back from visiting his daughter in California, writes Ed Boice for the Abilene Reflector Chronicle

As a railroad buff, Dvorak wanted to check out the Smoky Valley Railroad. He quickly felt affection for it and ended up donating $500. 

A little while later, he decided to help the railroad by buying several tickets and donating them to people in need. That is how he came in contact with Neighbor to Neighbor and its director, Sister Loretta Jasper. 

“Sister Loretta told me about her program, how she had given out 60,000 meals in the previous year,” he said. “I look at Abilene; Abilene’s only 6,000 people. That to me says there’s got to be a bunch of people in Abilene that the only food they get is from her.” 

Since he had been in a similar position himself at one point, he decided to start donating to the organization, along with helping in other ways every time he visited. 

“He stumbled upon us when he came through because of the big steam engine, and he was enticed by our mission,” said Sister Loretta. 

Read more about George Dvorak in the Abilene Reflector Chronicle

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