6ABC: Preserving the West Chester Railroad ‘Shows Young People What Things Were Like’


If you are looking for the perfect picnic destination, West Chester Railroad has you covered this summer, writes Matteo Iadonisi for 6ABC.

The historic railroad that is run exclusively by volunteers is offering a weekly special in the summer: a scenic roundtrip from West Chester Station to Glen Mills Station every Sunday at noon. This riveting 90-minute experience also includes a picnic by Chester Creek.

For members of the West Chester Railroad Heritage Association who are making sure the train continues to travel on the once-busy-but-now-abandoned track, introducing the train to children is a priority.

“We want to preserve it to show young people, especially, what things were like,” said John Anshant, the association’s secretary. “Something so big and heavy in this world of plastics and things getting lighter and smaller.”

In addition to the summer picnic special, the WCRHA also organizes Christmas-themed rides in the winter.

The railroad started operating in 1858, when it was used to transport both products and passengers. But due to a drop in ridership, the tracks were abandoned in 1986.

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