Growing More, Better, and Healthier Food: Kennett Woman Launches Curbside Composting Service

Image via Dylan Francis, Troubled Genius Media.

WasteWell, a curbside composting service, now offers Kennett area residents an effective way to reduce waste and replenish local farms and gardens with vital nutrients, writes Tara Smith for the Daily Local News

Operated by Jen Panaro, this service offers a simple solution to residents who lack the space, time, or inclination to turn food waste into compost in their homes. 

“We all throw so much in the trash that could be used to improve the soil and grow more, better, and healthier food,” said Panaro. 

Her customers are amazed by how much their trash goes down after using the service. 

She provides homeowners with easy-to-use resources, such as a printable PDF list of items that can and cannot be composted.  

The compostable pieces are disposed into a nice-looking countertop bin that is lined with a bio bag and equipped with a charcoal filter. Once this is full, the bag can be deposited in a gray five-gallon bucket provided by WasteWell. These buckets are left outside on pickup days every two weeks. 

Panaro is happy with how well the service has been accepted in the community. 

“It’s going well and growing in the way I want it to,” she said. 

Read more about WasteWell in the Daily Local News

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