Town in Colorado Follows Lead of WCU Prof on a Mission to Advocate for Composting


Image of Dr. Denise Polk via YouTube.

Monument, a town in Colorado, is following the lead of Dr. Denise Polk, a professor at West Chester University who touts the benefits of composting natural waste, writes Allison Robenstein for the Tri-Lakes Tribune.

Polk recently ran an EPA-approved pilot program on composting in West Chester to try to get more restaurants to compost the natural leftovers from their kitchens.

Since then, she has also given a TED Talk on how regular composting can help “reduce the need for watering, pesticides, and petroleum-based fertilizers.”

In fact, a well-organized composting method is to create what she calls a compost “lasagne.” This is a simple method in which coarse materials like stalks are put at the bottom, followed by more-easily bio-degradable natural waste products such as egg shells, leftover vegetables, and other natural products.

Monument recently made its composting program available to the public, and town residents can sign up to participate in the year-round compost program.

Read more about the benefits of composting in the Tri-Lakes Tribune here.

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