Montgomery County’s Brandon Rost, President and CEO of beMarketing, Shares Learned Business Advice

Brandon Rost, President and CEO of beMarketing.
Image via beMarketing.
Brandon Rost, President and CEO of beMarketing.

When you are the CEO of a Montgomery County marketing and advertising agency, you must have the “secret sauce,” says Philadelphia Business Journal Market President and Publisher Sandy Smith about Brandon Rost, President and CEO of beMarketing.

beMarketing is a full-service advertising agency in Montgomery County that has been in business for a decade to serve all industry verticals to tell their clients’ stories.

Brandon shares his insights on his company and advice for budding entrepreneurs.

He says there are three things that add to success: Growth, culture, and people of your business because you are only as good as the people you have to create a strong culture.

“There’s a slogan I was taught earlier in life,” he says, “It’s not about the output, it’s about the outcome. Many agencies deliver but then don’t take that extra step to discuss the outcome, growth, or how a campaign did.”

beMarketing has an overall proactive approach. “No agency is ever 2+2 equals 4,” Brandon points out. “It’s the relationship our clients are buying so that relationship is King, and we value our clients.”

Brandon’s advice for business owners: never give up, don’t hit eject, take each hill and valley in stride and learn, there are challenges and struggles and wins, so learn from each, he says. beMarketing launched in 2010, and they quickly learned to adjust as needed.

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“In 2010, we did a lot of social media and it was a great time for that, for great for brand awareness social media, but it wasn’t the destination, we had to pivot and add additional services, generated a lot more leads, adapting was big for us,” Brandon says. “Strive to be a better version of yourself.”

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