Smart Gun from Local Startup Only Fires for Authorized Users


LodeStar, a Radnor startup, is using smartphone technology to make guns safe, reports Christie Ileto for 6ABC.

Safety technology personalizes the gun, allowing it to be fired only by a verified user.

The 9mm gun checks the fingerprint of the user and requires a code to be entered on the weapon’s keypad before it can be operated.

“Only you, or a very small group of people who you authorize, can use that gun,” said Gareth Glaser, co-founder of LodeStar. “We use three types of authentication on our firearm: fingerprint, pin pad, and smartphone activation using my smartphone.”

LodeStar recently hosted a demonstration of the smart gun for shareholders and investors. The hope is these guns can prevent tragedies.

“That gun is useless to someone who steals it; it’s not going to fire for a little three-year-old who picks it up out of the kitchen drawer. It’s not going to be good to your teen who decides to take it to school to do harm to himself or someone else,” Glaser said.

Glaser said he believes it can save lives and that the three safeguards will ensure hackers can’t remotely jam the gun.

Read more at 6ABC.

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