LinkedIn Poll Tips & Poll Results on The Best Way to Find a Job

LinkedIn Poll Tips Keyboard

Poll results are in on how people found their last W-2 job. Results are not surprising. The winner is networking, of course! But wait, there’s more!

Even with 12,943 views of this poll on LinkedIn, there were only 241 people that voted to result in the following:

  • 11% online social network
  • 11% company website
  • 24% job board
  • 54% networking

Summary Details of Poll Results

Online Social Network

  • Craigslist (after unsuccessful on Ladders, Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, WA state unemployment listings, etc.)

Company Website

  • no comments received

Job Board

  • Society of Scholarly Publishing, Council of Science Editors
  • found by a recruiter on a job board
  • Zip Recruiter for two respondents


  • referral through a Christian job seekers meeting
  • referral to a posting on a company website
  • networking with a recruiter for two respondents
  • referral by a former colleague to notify of a position opening due to retirement
  • email received
  • referral from an acquaintance who knew the skillset
  • found by a colleague when employed and presented a new opportunity
  • wrote a letter to a company led by a former colleague
  • referred by someone I have known

How to Construct a Poll on LinkedIn

If you have not tried a poll yet on LinkedIn, give it a whirl! There are some step-by-step instructions on how to create a poll in this article, and note that you can create a poll on your personal profile as well as on your LinkedIn company page:

Have You Examined Your Spots and Stripes on Linkedin?

Poll Tips

One of my favorite research-related content creators on LinkedIn is Dr. Philip Adu, a methodology expert. He just posted some great tips for using the poll feature on LinkedIn.

You can read further details in his post about the importance of showing your intentions, not sharing your opinions before the poll has ended, and summarizing the poll results (like I have done above).

For anyone doing qualitative research, I highly recommend his books on Amazon and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

To create polls on LinkedIn, you need to have a LinkedIn profile and people in your network. So, keep networking to build your connections to land your next job, either as a W-2 job seeker or as a self-employed client seeker!

Networking Essentials

Need some networking tips? Here are a few articles:

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How I Landed a Job After Networking on Clubhouse

Networking On & Off Linkedin Requires a Positive Mindset

Introductions & Re-Introductions on and Off LinkedIn

Why the Holiday Time is the Best Time to Network

Your network is your net worth, so don’t stop networking after you have landed a job. Always keep your network fresh!

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