Omicron May Prove to Be a Healthcare Grinch, Especially for This West Chester Woman and Paoli Man


Concerns about the COVID-19 omicron variant are giving Chester County residents pause when making holiday plans this year. Beccah Hendrickson, 6ABC, reported on what may turn out to be a significant wet blanket this December.

“COVID is not over,” said Liron Marmin from West Chester. “There are still variants popping out that’s for sure.”

Marmin said she has been reading up on the latest variant of the virus. Her concern caused her to cancel plans to travel abroad for a family-centric holiday.

“Any new variant that comes out is worrisome to me, because you don’t know the strength. And you really don’t know how good the current vaccines are against the new variants. It’s hard to tell what mutations they have,” she said.

According to experts, this new variant is spreading faster than the previous ones, and the efficiency of the current vaccines against it is unknown.

This is worrisome enough that people are once again becoming extra careful when going out.

“We’ve mainly been outside, most of the time, and if we’re going in really crowded areas, we’re putting our masks on and stuff like that,” said John Paul from Paoli.

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