Plan for Condos Stirs Debate in This Delco Borough

Bill Cumby Jr. sits at Hobbs in downtown Swarthmore with the latest renderings of the 110 Park Avenue Project.
Image via Owen Mortner, Swarthmore Phoenix.
Bill Cumby Jr. sits at Hobbs in downtown Swarthmore with the latest renderings of the Park Avenue project.

A proposed condominium project in Swarthmore has led to discussions over what the borough’s downtown should be, writes Owen Mortner for the Swarthmore Phoenix.

Local developers Bill Cumby and Don Delson present plans tonight to the Swarthmore Planning Commission to demolish the Cella Building and a second building at 110-112 Park Avenue and put up a five-story, $30 million, mixed-use condominium building for seniors and empty nesters at 110-112 Park Avenue.

The Cella building houses Harvey Oak Mercantile, an artisan craft store, as well Gallery on Park, a handmade gift shop, and a local art gallery. There are also apartment units and office spaces.

“It was heartbreaking,” said Shannon Elliott, owner of Harvey Oak Mercantile.

The new building would contain 36 high-end condo units and about 3,000 square feet of retail space and a below-ground garage.

It’s the first mixed-use, high-density development downtown.

Some say the new building will change the character of the town. Others say it will meet current community needs and is more environmentally sustainable.

“We’re trying to build something that isn’t really available outside of Center City or the Main Line area; we want to give seniors an opportunity to age in place,” said Cumby.

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